Tanel Veenre Jewellery

Thank you for proceeding on the way to get your own specal TVJ’s!

But on more serious matter, please read these little tips on how to take care of your EarBerries and take notes on general advice how to guarantee your jewelery will always look at its best.

Many of our products have wooden bodies covered with cosmic dust like EarBerries and such. They are quite resilient and if needed you can wash them with warm water and soap using an extra soft brush. Therefore for example cleaning the berries from foundation cream or powder, some soap and an old soft toothbrush should do the trick. Dry the surface by damping with soft cloth or even blowdry.

Please avoid contact with perfumes, hairsprays and rubbing alcohols as they can damage the surface.

It is the golden rule to put jewelry on last. 

If you’re having problems with cleaning or any other trouble, please contact us via info@tvj.ee. We will gladly help and advise.