Our motto „Kingdom of Dreams” captures the pure essence of the brand – the allure to believe in fairies and miracles, winged seahorses, and cosmic-dust-covered berries. Like long-forgotten memories from the gardens of Paradise. 

I believe in fairies, fantasies and the infinite imagination. I know I am not alone in this. These jewels are the key to one’s inner paradise, the Kingdom of Dreams.

– Tanel Veenre

Tanel Veenre is the whimsical and dreamy Estonian fashion & jewellery brand established in 2010. Since Tanel Veenre´s inception, the brand has become one of the strongest and most visible design brands in Estonia. Tanel Veenre´s jewellery is sold in more than 40 stores in Estonia, Canada, Italy, Russia, Hongkong, and China. 2018 opened a flagship store in Tallinn city centre. 

Tanel Veenre Jewellery is most popular among women with an urban lifestyle who admire the jeweler’s unique designs and refined individual style. Vogue, W Magazine, and L’Officiel are a few among the high-profile publications to show Tanel Veenre Jewellery. No matter the clientele, Tanel Veenre Jewellery provides the ideal statement accessories to finalize one’s look. 

Tanel Veenre Jewellery is showcased in Tallinn, Estonia at the Embassy of Fashion Studio Store. The widest selection of all Tanel Veenre Jewellery collections is open for guests

Mon to Fri 12.00 to 18.00

Roosikrantsi 15, Tallinn