Hippo Spoons

The original seahorses by Tanel Veenre have expanded their Kingdom and taken the shape of a silver spoon.
For a long time the silver spoon has been a popular gift to be given for newborns. It has a long history with different interpretations of why this gift came to be.

Antique French Sterling Silver Baby Spoon, ca 1850 ->

Silver as a metal became quite fashionable as well as safe for babies to play with and chew on.
It has been a tradition in many countries for wealthy godparents to give a silver spoon to their godchildren at christening ceremonies. Therefore the phrase “born with a silver spoon in his mouth” spread.

That may be the source of the phrase, or it may simply be derived from the fact that wealthy people ate from silver while others didn’t. But many believe, the saying came from the idea of health, not necessarily wealth.

Collectible items that are made from silver are still given as gifts of love and respect to honor the new baby.
No matter the status of wealth, we hope any given item acts as a token of love, wealth and luck.