• Exhibition “White Ladies” by Aldo Järvsoo and Tanel Veenre

    WEDDING GOWNS BY ALDO JÄRVSOO AND MIRRORED MASKS BY TANEL VEENRE AT HAAPSALU The exhibition "White Ladies" will be opened on the 20th of July in Haapsalu at the Evald Okas Museum. The exhibition is a collaboration between the fashion designer Aldo Järvsoo and jewellery artist Tanel Veenre. The exhibition is inspired by the legend [...] Continue Reading
  • Song and Dance Celebrations giveaway!

    Estonian art and culture is loaded with dark tones but if you look at the Estonian folk costumes - it´s an explosion of vivid reds, blues, yellows ... Colors are a sign of celebration! Look at these amazing textiles of folk skirts. The roots of the rainbow of our Earberries are definitely in this tradition. [...] Continue Reading