Exhibition “White Ladies” by Aldo Järvsoo and Tanel Veenre


The exhibition “White Ladies” will be opened on the 20th of July in Haapsalu at the Evald Okas Museum. The exhibition is a collaboration between the fashion designer Aldo Järvsoo and jewellery artist Tanel Veenre. The exhibition is inspired by the legend of Haapsalu, now manifesting in the shape of cosmic masks and dreamy gowns. The exhibition will give the viewer an extraordinary chance to enter into the cosmic world of perfection with no sense of gravity or depression.

The united display of the two most renowned artist of Estonia will make a good excuse to visit the most adorable town in the country.
Aldo Järvsoo will present a luxurious line of wedding dresses made from silk-organza, that radiates etherealness and fairy-like beauty. The line will be specially made for the event. Before and after you are all most welcome to acquaint yourself with the designs by Aldo Järvsoo at the Embassy of Fashion studio shop, Rävala 7, Tallinn.

Tanel Veenre might first associate with the colorful line of design jewellery know as Earberries. But this playful series is just the tip of the ice berg – the artwork born in the studio in the old town of Tallinn is mostly travelling around the world from galleries to stages. For example the mirrored masks will arrive straight from the famous stage of the Le Crazy Horse Saloon in Paris.

“To be a bride means to be perfect, only if for a night – a celestial being from fairy-tales, a revelation like the White Lady from the legend of Haapsalu” says the exhibitioner Mara Ljutjuk when describing the idea behind the concept.

Evald Okas Museum is a private museum which has been open to the public in the city of Haapsalu since the year 2003.The mission of the museum is to collect, preserve, and exhibit the creation of Evald Okas and his family members. During the summer months, the work of Evald Okas, his family members and various other artists is displayed in an exhibition.

You are all most welcome to the opening event on 20th of July at 5 PM. 

The exhibition is open:

Karja 24, 90503 Haapsalu, Estonia
Tue-Sun 12-18

The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

More information:
Aldo Järvsoo
Tanel Veenre

Photos: Tanel Veenre
Model: Äli (E.M.A)

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Thank you all who came!