NEW! Dreamy T-shirts by TVJ

The Estonian design brand, Tanel Veenre Jewellery, has added a new line of apparel to their product range. Tanel Veenre Jewellery T-shirts embrace the brands concept of coloring up the everyday life with pastel palette and magic symbols. The velvet seahorse as the spirit animal of TVJ helps to create your own personal fairy tale.

Photos by Tanel Veenre with beautiful Kätriin and Toms

The unisex line of T-shirts are perfect for mixing and matching. Create different styles for various occasions. And wear with proud – every shirt is a bit unique due to the hand dyeing!

For the team of TVJ the concept of going green in every way possible is close to our hearts. We believe in sustainable living and we did our best to minimize the ecological footprint while producing the new line of apparel.

Our T-shirts are made from high quality, flexible fabric that’s breathable and feels soft on the skin. All shirts are hand-dyed and gently heated to retain their color.

The materials used in the process are environmentally friendly so you will not find any harmful chemicals in the fibers.

Making of

We are proud to say the T-shirts are designed and produced in Estonia! From the bamboo fabrics that came from Sindi, print work done in Pärnu, sewing and cutting from Virumaa and to the last step where all coloring was done by hand in the little historical studio of Tanel Veenre.

Available from...

the 21st of August
@ the Embassy of Fashion studio shop
until the end of the month -20% (RRP 69€)