VENUS clothing now available

Silk Dresses from the series VENUS

The kaftan style dress is made from 100% silk. The fabrics are designed by Tanel Veenre and each dress is one of a kind. The silk fabrics play around the essential symbols of Tanel Veenre’s brand like scarabs, seahorses, dragonflies, butterflies and the new heroes of the VENUS collection- shells. The dress is wearable in two ways  as the cuts are symmetrical but the sides differ a bit by pattern and color intensity. It is up to you which side to show to the world.

“It sll started with watercolors which are the base of each fabric. The aim is to get deep mysterious color combinations where my creatures create constellations.” – Tanel Veenre

All fabrics are printed in UK to achieve the maximum quality in color and texture. Cuts are simple and easy to give the fabric an airy feeling and maximum comfort to the wearer.

The clothing line of VENUS was launched at the Tallinn Fashion Week show, where Tanel Veenre was awarded the prestigious award Golden Needle.

Silk Scarves

Just like the silk dresses, the VENUS line of scarves is made from 100% silk. Tanel Veenre’s fabric design follows the same principle as with dresses. To play with signature symbols and creating a magical feeling to otherwise everyday items.

The silk scarves consists of 16 different designs, every design is printed four times. The scarves are printed in UK to achieve the maximum quality in color and texture.

Available at the Embassy of Fashion studio shop, Rävala pst 7, Tallinn.