Our beautiful gemstones

Where do the stones come from?

We love to add beautiful gemstones to our jewellery. The gorgeous colorful and shining stones make pieces stand out and give them a vivid look. Our semi-precious stones come from South Asia. Luckily or not, our home land doesn’t offer minerals to be found. Maybe it’s for the best, we get to keep our nature untouched. But therefore we have put a lot of work into finding reliable partners with whom to co-operate.

Custom cut stones

Many of you may not know, but finding a stone with the right shape and size for jewellery might not be as easy as expected. So we decided it’s best to have your own custom cut stones. Specially designed by Tanel Veenre and cut into the desired shape by professionals. Usually the designing process begins with a blank paper and a pencil.

Some of the designs come to life in the art work by Tanel Veenre, while others take a smaller form to complement the series of Tanel Veenre Jewellery.

We love to play with colors! When Earberries get the full blast of color, the fine line of jewellery comes to life through vivid gems. And yes, a lot of them are colored artificially. But nowadays the naturally vivid and colorful stones are very precious and stay on the most high end of the industry. Even then, processes like irradiation and heating to enhance the optical properties of the gem are often used.

We see colored stones as beautiful variations of the gem itself. Colored chalcedonies, onyxes and crystals have made their magical way into our hearts. Harder stones like rock crystal, rose quartz and smoky quarts and are often untreated.

Stones by collections

Our selection of stones has varied over the years, but we have stayed true to a selection that we feel is beautiful and durable. Rock crystal, smoky and rose quarts, and black onyx never fail to give a classical and elegant look. As new-comers, the deep green malachite, sparkling blue amazonite, and the night blue lazurite with golden stripes are classical stones, but with a bold color chart. And when its time to really shine, the colored chalcedonies and natural moonstones are a real eye-catcher.

While the colors live throughout the series, every collection has their signature stone cut. Hippo Couture matches with long and festive drop cut. The Voodoo Paradise and NEFFI series go along with almond shaped gems, NEFFI with a softer and more round shape. Little Neffiflies are set with faceted light tales. The most recent design inspired by historic chandeliers complement the Venus series.