The VENUS jewellery

VENUS rising from the shores of Italy

The new jewellery collection VENUS is now available. The fresh series adds a new symbol into the archetypes of Tanel Veenre Jewellery – a shell. The simple and elegant creation of nature came from the shores of Italy. The shell, picked by Tanel Veenre, got the perfect look through 3D scanning and improvement into perfection.

Custom cut stones

We are now using only our signature custom cut stones designed by Tanel Veenre.

With the inspiration arising from the shores of Italy, the renaissance paintings and architecture took us to the historic chandeliers. The magnificent lightnings reflect and play with light and make the room sparkle. It is all we wish to see in a gem as well – making the jewellery more live and vivid.

There are stones we have used very rarely on some unique pieces. Such as the deep green malachite and clear blue chalcedony. Now we have taken a turn and used them in the VENUS collection. A brand new addition is the sparkling green blue amazonite, a dazzling color burst of tropical waters.

Stones like malachite, lazurite and amazonite are natural and every stone is unique in it’s own way. See the difference between stones as a beauty and sense of character!

Pearls with a twist

For the first time you can find pearls in our selection. What would be more perfect with the story of VENUS, who became alive arising from the shell. But to give it a modern twist, the earrings are wearable in two ways. The pearl acts as a back pin in one way. Or place it in front of the earlobe and give it a more classic look.

The pearl earrings are available in a limited edition and can be bought only from the Embassy of Fashion studio shop or via

Affordable and minimal

The VENUS collection entails a simple line of basic jewellery, where sterling silver shells make a perfect complement for everyday wear. The shell studs and pendants are the most affordable items in the fine line of jewellery by Tanel Veenre, prices starting from only 39€.