How VENUS was born – the making of

The making of VENUS jewellery look book

When nominated to the Golden Needle Award, we knew for sure we had to make something special for it. Therefore we set a goal to create a unique look book for VENUS jewellery. The collection plays around the mythological world of ancient goddesses and the creation of beauty. As Venus the goddess was born from the sea, we took a fierce challenge to take the jewellery under water. As in the story, the new series created new things – for the first time ever our selection offers a variety of earrings with pearls.

The amazing team

Luckily we have amazing people around us to help us realize all the crazy ideas. The super talented and skilled photographer Pillery Teesalu from Pillery Teesalu Underwater Photography came to our help to capture the beauty in water. Maret Ubaleht who you may know by amazing MU skills, took the brave modelling job. Besides the photoshoot, Luis Braula Reis created an alluring video that opened the runway show of Tanel Veenre on Tallinn Fashion Week.

Impressions from the scene

“As Venus was born from the seas I found it rather logical to create a moment before she was born. My wish is to carry people to the mythological world. It´s like an underwater kingdom with no gravity – we are just floating like fairy creatures.” – Tanel Veenre

Pillery Teesalu Underwater Photography

Pillery is a professional photographer who has specialized on underwater photography for over four years now.

How did you discover the world of underwater photography?
I would say that underwater photography came to me by chance when I went to study photography in Tartu Art College. As I studied the genre grew close to my soul and became part of my everyday life. Water – it’s my greatest passion!

What makes it so special?
When it comes to water it is never as clear as air. And as we know photography is all about light and in water it acts different than it does in air. Water absorbs light. Moreover it reduces contrast, color and sharpness. Therefore the photographer has to be prepared for the many factors that influence the final result. Underwater photography requires specialized equipment and techniques. However, it offers exciting and rare photographic opportunities.

VENUS by Luis Braula Reis