The elegant Pearl

VENUS collection brings Pearls to TVJ

Tanel Veenre Jewellery is known by the wide selection of semi-precious stones that complement our jewellery. But now with VENUS the historic and graceful pearl has joined the selection. What would be more suitable to the story of Venus, created from foam and born from the seashell.

The fresh water pearls come in two shades: white and gentle rose. The finest quality of natural pearls have been highly valued as gemstones and objects of beauty for many centuries. Because of this, pearl has become a metaphor for something unique, fine, and admirable. The most valuable pearls grow in the wild, but these natural pearls are extremely rare. The fresh water pearls are cultured from pearl oysters and freshwater mussels and are most common to be found. The fresh water pearls are beautiful and with good quality, but also affordable.

A classic pearl to a modern woman

The pearls are available with the Venus Pearl earrings. The earrings are available in four different finishes: light or dark silver, gold or rose gold finish. You can choose the body to match with a white or rose pearl.

The earrings are wearable in both ways. It means it is up to your mood or current occasion which way to wear them. The pearl acts as a lock and can be attached to the front or to the back.

The pearl acts as a lock mechanism. It has a drilled in silver lock with silicone insert. The earring locks securely to the pearl.