• Tanel among the final cut. News from the art scene

    Contemporary jewellery Most of you know Tanel as the head and soul of Tanel Veenre Jewellery. Besides running a brand, he is actively taking part in the scene of contemporary jewellery art. Here's a glimpse of the latest exhibition project. Schmuck and the Munich Jewellery Week The International Craft Fair in Munich, Germany is one [...] Continue Reading
  • The Kuldmuna 2020 Gold award came to us!

    Unbelievably happy The idea to participate in the running for Kuldmuna design awards came from the wish to appreciate Hendrik Kampus for the amazing video. We saw it as a chance to show it to the wider public, but of course, never could we have imagined to offer a strong competition to professional agencies. We [...] Continue Reading
  • Happy Hippos on Kodak film

    The raw power of youth Last year Tanel Veenre started a project with a young and unknown photographer. The unexpected encounter lead to a remarkable photoseries with Fruits of Paradise collection. This year we had the new line of Hippo Couture taken on film by Bogdan. "About a year and half ago I got a [...] Continue Reading
  • Our stand-out picks from the Presidential reception of 2020

    The Independence Day February is the month when our homeland celebrates it's Independence Day. The Presidential reception is hosted for the people who have played an important role in the development of Estonia. On the 24th of February we raise the flags with sunrise and at the end of the day we can admire all [...] Continue Reading