Happy Hippos on Kodak film

The raw power of youth

Last year Tanel Veenre started a project with a young and unknown photographer. The unexpected encounter lead to a remarkable photoseries with Fruits of Paradise collection. This year we had the new line of Hippo Couture taken on film by Bogdan.

“About a year and half ago I got a letter from a russian photographer with a wish to cooperate. The name Bogdan Natakhin sounded exotic to me and as I opened his linked portfolio, he’s artwork revealed to be just as magical. The pictures created an artsy, melancholic and even a bit creepy landscape that captured me right away.” opens up Tanel Veenre

A night in Moscow

“In 2019 I sent him a box with jewellery to be photographed. From there  came out a hypnotizing series with magnifying glasses that allured me with its honest and even raw approach. Without doubt Bogdan goes with trends, but there is much more to he’s photos. He succeeds to be tender and edgy at the same time. Bogdan is also one of a few who still uses Kodak films for work. The technique gives an immediate feel to the scenes.

This February I packed my bags along with the next four collections soon to be launched and headed to Moscow. After a full hour drive by taxi I arrived at Bogdans. It was an endless night filled with lit windows as far as I could see. There in the far suburb I met the 20 year old wonder-photographer with his girlfriend Annie – the manager of the shy artist. On the top floor with the view on the city we opened a rum given by Annie’s parents. It was a privilege to sit there in their home and hear about their hopes and dreams to make it to New York and putting all their efforts and savings to realize it. Such raw power of youth and will.   

I left for the evening feeling elevated by the precious moments that grow out of direct communication. Even more if they lead to great artistic cooperation. ” 


Jewellery: Tanel Veenre “Happy Hippo” @tvjewellery
Clothing: Aldo Järvsoo @aldojarvsoo
Photo: Bogdan Natakhin @bogdannatakhin⠀
Producer: Annie Malafey @malafeii⠀
Model: Namuna @namuna1224
Make up: Natalia Parshina @natashkinmakeup⠀
Hair: Alisa Kazakova @envy.mua
Captured on Kodak Film @kodak_shootfilm


Model: Namuna
Model: Emilie
Model: Alice