The Kuldmuna 2020 Gold award came to us!

Unbelievably happy

The idea to participate in the running for Kuldmuna design awards came from the wish to appreciate Hendrik Kampus for the amazing video. We saw it as a chance to show it to the wider public, but of course, never could we have imagined to offer a strong competition to professional agencies. We are so happy that our ideas and Hendrik’s dedication resulted as a Gold prize in the field of Commercial/Film of Kuldmuna 2020.

Kuldmuna (The Golden Egg) is a big annual event of Estonian marketing communication agencies where awards in the categories of advertising, design, digital advertising, media, PR and event marketing will be presented at a big gala event. 2020 gala was cancelled due to corona virus and awards were presented virtually.

A little insight

“The news of winning was a real shock, of course in a good sense. I am used to see my social media feed fill up with happy notes by friends in the field of design and marketing, but to be the happy one myself…” shared the experience Tanel Veenre.

“It all started when my friend Hendrik Kampus fetched the idea to do something together. A movie about my jewellery or something along that line. After meeting a couple of times, we decided to put things into motion. Our children’s room filled up with neoprene and Jaanika Arum got the order to cut herself through the thick fabric. Hendrik got an old fashioned table phone with a signal light. Jaanika had the deepest smile like Mona Lisa. Of course it meant we had to make it work in one shot, beacause the neoprene would end up with a giant hole in the middle. After filming, the neoprene fabric came to life as jackets and hoodies by Aldo.

The triumph of beauty and dreamers

But truth be told, the filmed material was then left on the shelf. Other work pushed in and we weren’t in a hurry either, our Berries are luckily without a best before date. It took almost a half a year until the movie was completed with stunning 3D magic that transformed our nursery into a fairytale landscape.

I had always imagined the voice on the phone should be a suggestive male voice, reading poetry…maybe even a Viking-like man figure raging through a snowstorm? Be as it may, the voice will leave other for imagination.

Luckily my search for a low-pitched enchanter succeeded with the help of Facebook. From many canditates we landed on Steve Vanoni – and for my surprise, the silver-haired Viking was truly found.

The video was completed with the harmonious sounds of chello, scissors and neoprene. It was a whole, Hendrik was my hero.

Being in awe of Hendrik’s incredible hard work and dedication, it seemed that nominating the result for the running of Kuldmuna 2020 is a good way to appreciate him. Getting through the pre-selection was really really an honor in itself. But seeing a print screen sent by Hendrik, where the video thumbnail was added with the sticker “GOLD”, got me to check if it was a cruel prank or someones mistake. It was a triumph of beauty and dreams. Triumph of beauty and dreamers. Maybe our world offered an escapism from today’s reality, who knows.

It’s great our bold experiements got rewarded. Nice to see what happens when your just focused on building up your world, every day, with passion.

My utmost gratitude towards Hendrik Kampus and for everyone, who participated.”

“Kingdom of Dreams” / Tanel Veenre Jewellery x Hendrik Kampus

Watch the video! Best Commercial/Film for Kuldmuna 2020 Design awards.


Movie by Hendrik Kampus & Tanel Veenre
Muse Jaanika Arum
Voice Steve Vanoni
Makeup & Hair Reet Härmat
3D effects Hendrik Kampus
Colorgrade Mark Šandali
Soundmix Sven Sosnitski
Dress Aldo Järvsoo