Tanel among the final cut. News from the art scene

Contemporary jewellery

Most of you know Tanel as the head and soul of Tanel Veenre Jewellery. Besides running a brand, he is actively taking part in the scene of contemporary jewellery art. Here’s a glimpse of the latest exhibition project.

Schmuck and the Munich Jewellery Week

The International Craft Fair in Munich, Germany is one of the most important annual events for goldsmiths and jewellery artst around the world. Countless exhibitions, workshops, marketplaces and meetings are organized under the event. It brings together the jewellery art community from all over the world. At least usually. But this year a lot has been canceled or is staying closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Fortunately the vast and speedy internet can help us enjoy the art scene with out leaving home.

Stones: The final cut

Galerie Handwerk has been organizing exhibitions for the goldsmith and silversmith trades during the trade fair for years. In 2020 it’s presenting a subject that is ancient but has been gaining in importance again in contemporary jewellery design for years: the use of stones in jewellery. The exhibition in the Galerie Handwerk will present jewellery artists of our time, for whom the use of stones in jewellery is an important concern and an expression of their personal handwriting.

Carved objects by Tanel Veenre

Estonia as a centre for modern approach

54 internationally renowned jewellery designers from 19 countries were invited to the exhibition in the Galerie Handwerk. The selection based on how the artists have technically and artistically used stones in jewellery. How they have found ways to express the us of stones today, how they set accents and which new solutions young designers are using to deal with this topic. Important centres such as Finland, Estonia and Idar-Oberstein are to point out how these craft techniques are trained today and transferred to our time. A kind invite was given to three estonians – Tanel Veenre, Kadri Mälk and Julia Maria Künnap.

Tanel Veenre: a dialogue between materials

Tanel was to exhibit 9 new pieces where carved reconstructed stone is put into a dialogue with rock crystal and milky quartz. The show is curated by Elke-Helene Hügel.