Lost in Jewellery Magazine featuring Tanel Veenre

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Laura Helena Aureli is an Italian based artist and gallerist who started an online platform Art Jewellery Incubator. The aim of the site is to introduce only one artist every month and doing it in a curious and fun way: “The goal is to ‘Shout Out’ and spread the ‘Voice’ of contemporary jewellery design, in order to reach different segments of public and to be able to cross ‘the borders’ of jewellery to reach out.”


“The magazine will be a very personal digital and visual moodboard, colorful, easy to read and fun! The first artist of this new online format is the Estonian artist Tanel Veenre. I saw in Tanel’s work my source of inspiration, my resurection artist.”

Laura Helena Aureli

Tanel Veenre – the “VOICE” of May 2020


The format of the “VOICE” editorial is colorful and easy to read. The platform has a powerful approach, where visual and emotional insight into the work and inner thoughts of the artist strikes the reader.

The first to debut on this online platform is the Estonian artist, Tanel Veenre, the “voice” of May 2020. For the entire month of May, Lost In Jewellery will be proposing an exhibition of his best jewelry production and latest ideas, which Tanel introduces as follows: «My latest jewelry works, in shades of pink, red and white, are mostly in reconstructed, sculptured stone, while my first jewelry series is in wood and organic materials, cork, orchid flowers, crab shells »

Art is freedom and escape.

“I have my brand which guarantees me an income as an artist.
I live only for ideas.
It’s a continuous process, constant excitement, for me…. a thrill.”

Tanel Veenre