Inspired by History

Something about lapel pins


Tanel Veenre opens the idea behind a wide series of lapel pins. What is the romantic side of it and how a simple needle widens up the playground of accessorizing for men:

“For me, the lapel jewellery is a delicate detail, a point on i. There is something romantically old-fashioned about it. Adding a little seahorse to your sports jacket will change it immediately and it becomes something more. That’s often an opportunity to raise the outfit from economy class to business class.”

Trends from History


Lapel jewellery is the world of romantics. It gives you the chance to be delicate and give signals at once, also to be a gentleman and allow yourself to have fun.

Even though lapel jewellery came at first as accessory for men, nowadays the game has changed and women who have enough lapels wear it. In the current fashion picture lapel jewellery has done a powerful comeback at the red carpet where the Jewelers’ Premier League offers luxurious diamonds hemmed versions.

One of the original and important meanings of lapel jewellery was to show belonging – to an organization, corporation, or partnership. This made it possible to find people of one’s kind or to give a signal of one’s position in society by crossing socially. The lapel jewellery thus became a sign of an elitist way of life. There were times when belonging to an influential partnership opened all the secret doors and ensured a successful career.

It has been the custom in business culture to share lapel badges, also to reward for good work in company, so they became a kind of decorations to collect. A separate chapter in the history of jewelry are on Soviet badges.

A part of Tanel Veenre Jewellery


Tanel Veenre Jewellery’s first lapel item was, of course, a winged seahorse.

“I decided to make it with a long needle – although I haven’t seen such jewellery out there. It just seemed enough like Oscar Wilde style to make it happen. Later on, a whole new series of the freshest needles was born with dragonflies, seashells and beetles.”


The lapel jewelry does not have to be gold or silver – finely picked flowers can become the accent of this one special evening.