10th anniversary & GET LUCKY

Celebrating our 10th anniversary with playful bracelets!

Through this year we will surprise our clients with many fresh collections which have a playful twist and allure with number magic – it’s all about the ten! Series of GET LUCKY charm bracelets is the first present to our friends during this year full of surprises.
GET LUCKY bracelets combine colored leather with silver charms. This series allows you to create your own lucky charm design playing with ten colors of high quality leather and four different symbols that are known from Tanel Veenre jewellery: seahorse, dragonfly, beetle and seashell. Charms come in three different colors:  light silver, yellow and rose gold.
This series is fully produced in Estonia – leather parts are made by loved leather designer Kadri Kruus & silver parts are 3D printed from sustainable metal by innovative Estonian start-up Cloud Factory.
Every charm has it’s own meaning and power. Also leather bracelets come in 10 different colours.
Seahorse is about kindness and generosity. As a symbol of strength and protection seahorse might also give a fresh perspective towards life. Seahorse navigates the seas being calm, patient, persistent and free.
Shell is associated with the goddess Venus symbolizing birth and resurrection. As a symbol of light seashell comes loaded with luck and oceans energy, radiant lines of a shell help clearing your mind. 
Dragonfly is about the beauty of transformation and change. As a joyful creature dragonfly symbolizes lightness of being and encourages never to stop creating your own illusions and fairies.
Beetles represent hard work, stability, cooperation, progress and intuition. As a colourful being beetle means being creative, devoted to his goals and constant personal improvement.
Tanel Veenre’s first collection of earrings “Dust, Universe & Queen” came out in the summer 2010.
Poster of Tanel Veenre`s exhibition “Dust, Universe & Queen” in 2010