TVJ x Kadri Kruus

Let’s meet leather designer Kadri Kruus

New series of bracelets GET LUCKY combines colored leather with silver charms. This series allows you to be playful and have fun, choose between ten different leather colors and four charm symbols. To celebrate 10 years of Tanel Veenre Jewellery we offer exactly ten different colors of leather.

Person behind all of this leather work is leading leatherdesigner Kadri Kruus with who we had little talk about her speciality and herself:
What’s new in your work this summer?
In honor of spring, a small series of Maya models in new color combinations was completed.
The Maya bag is a classic beauty, to which a long and wide adjustable strap adds playfulness. It’s practical detail that allows the bag to be worn on the belt, as an upper shoulder bag and, of course, as a radish bag. There are not many Maya bags, there’s only one unique copy of each color variant, carefully selected, combined, hand-crafted and finished from leather samples and remnants.
What do you love most about your profession?
I love to pay the most attention to the specifics of the customer when designing products. The bag models I created have women’s names and the description gives an idea of what type of character it is. If the customer feels like reading the description, a suitable couple has come together.
Where did your relationship with the leather begin and what has changed in your style during that time?
In fact, I am not fascinated by leather as a material, but by a bag as a mysterious object. The exterior of the bag can be a special piece of jewelry or an invisible accessory that must match the rest of the wearer’s outfit. However, the inside of the bag is known only to the wearer herself.
Over time, the design has definitely become more functional and media friendly. More functional also in terms of production, considering the specifics of producing in a small workshop. For example, with the possibility to make each model a different color, as we did with the Maya model.
How do you keep your mind clear and where do you get inspiration for new products?
Once a hobby has become a job, a new hobby must be found. I am a real fan of gardening and cooking. Summer is my favorite time, because that’s when most of my food comes from my garden.
You don’t have to look for inspiration separately. Constantly active, it comes from life itself.
Take a look at Kadri’s new Maya bags and webshop: