MINERALIA show and book release on the 28th of August

Tanel Veenre celebrating the brands 10th anniversary

The jewellery and fashion brand Tanel Veenre is celebrating its 10th year of creative work with a grand fashion show and a book.

The extraordinary fashion spectacle MINERALIA is themed by precious stones, which as a symbol and material give a chance to combine Tanel’s love for both fashion and jewellery.

The nomination for the Golden Needle award 2019 has been a real inspiration to work onward with fashion. The MINERALIA has given Tanel a free artistic experience, where expertise in photography has opened up the world of graphics. Tanel has taken photos of minerals and formed them into inspiring patterns for silk canvas. It has created a unique collection as if the jewellery has taken a soft shape to caress the wearer.

The collection has taken its shape in cooperation with Aldo Järvsoo. Tanel has praised the partnership: “Aldo’s insightful experience in fashion design has been a tremendous help in choice-making and to realize my fantasy-driven thoughts into wearable design.”

Throughout the 10 years, the brand has collaborated with many kindred spirits. Now will be the time to set a milestone contributing all of these projects. A dedicated book will be released on the night of the show. More than 150 pages will cover the brands muses and inspiring people through interviews, visual journies and shared dreams.

“It’s our bow to all who have enthused us to be better and more beautiful” comments the book Tanel. Among other’s you will find thoughts from Evelin Võigemast, Anna Kaneelina, Kerli Kõiv, Britt Samoson, Liisi Eesmaa, Mari Masso, Ingrid Margus ja Toomas Volkmann.

The MINERALIA spectacle of fashion and jewellery with the book release will take place on the 28th of August at the Noblessner Shipyard.

The show will be accompanied by the deep sounds created for the event by DJ P.Julm


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