Liquid Minerals behind MINERALIA

The allure of beautiful minerals and gems have captivated jewellery makers from the beginning of times. But sometimes the push to work with them might come from an unexpected moment, like waiting at metro station in Russia for Tanel: “I was really captivated by the beauty of patterns of gemstones and minerals. So I was going to different gemstone suppliers to make macro photos of these marvelous small worlds. And I even did some photos for the collection in Moscow metro stations where I was just before Covit hit us – they have fantastic marble walls. Its majesticness was a great inspiration as well.”

“After I had a great collection of photos I started to play with these in Photoshop. Exaggerating the colors, repeating the patterns. My aim was to get deep and glowy tones – amethyst violets, sapphire blues, ruby reds, malachite greens”

“Final step was to transform this magic world of gemstones into the fashion garments. So I worked with cuts and fabrics. I want to keep the silhouettes clean and simple but have a strong majestic feeling about the whole thing. I really experimented with different natural and artificial fabrics to have the best prints on them. This collection will be kind of amazing – the whole series, over 100 different looks – will be fully patterned. So the dresses, blouses, trousers are like wearable gemstones. Let´s call them a soft jewels!”

This collection would be here without the help of Aldo Järvsoo, my super talented partner. He has created several cuts and his vision of how to transform fabrics into 3-dimensional garments is undeniable. I am grateful to have such a great partner always next to me!”

Photos by Riina Varol