TVJ 10 – the book

“Kingdom of Dreams”

The Tanel Veenre brand is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The book “Kingdom of Dreams” will be released on the 28th of August. The book will take together the amazing journey through the perspective of our muses and partners. The reader can take a deeper insight into the creation of the brand and Tanel’s personal insight and inner thoughts about taking a step from art to design. Interviews with close people by Tanel reveal the relationships between the creator and muse. A comprehensive overview of past and present collaborations manifest through a Visual Journeys chapter of the book.

“It’s our bow to all who have enthused us to be better and more beautiful” says the man behind the brand and the author of the book, Tanel Veenre.

Over the 150 page edition, 40 portraits of inspiring people will reflect on the path to creating the brand for dreamers. Photographers, models, designers, singers and artists are among the fellow souls. The book is a unique cultural chronicle that will memorize the active personas in the Estonian cultural field in general. Evelin Võigemast, Anna Kaneelina, Kerli Kõiv, Britt Samoson, Liisi Eesmaa, Mari Masso, Ingrid Margus and Toomas Volkmann are one of the few, who are sharing their thoughts and esthetics.

The book will be released on the 28th of August with the MINERALIA fashion show. Read more about the spectacular anniversary event here.


All guests will get the book as a gift on the night of the show. Buy your ticket now!