VIDEO ‣ morning talk with Tanel

“Breakfast with a star” is a warm and lively TV show hosted by Anu Saagim. Just before the MINERALIA fashion event, Anu had a talk with Tanel at the premise of Embassy of Fashion studio shop. An immediate talk opens up the everyday life of Tanel, the growth of the brand and thoughts about beauty and business. The talk is in Estonian.

For a busy reader, a quick overview and guide:

2:00 It all starts from home
8:00 Basics of parenting – being generous in a wider sense
12:30 With Aldo by the side
14:00 Creating MINERALIA
16:00 The Golden Needle award and stepping into fashion
20:00 Entrepreneurship based on synergy
21:00 Making the book and not counting money
24:00 Recognizing lusts for success
27:00 Urge for beauty by Hele-Mai
30:00 The boring part – Earberries
31:00 Pension off on China!
33:20 The business roulette and investing in oneself
34:30 Creating the Cosmos
37:30 On MINERALIA that took place on Anu’s wedding anniversary
40:50 Commercial alert
43:30 Big revelation – Tanel’s tips on how to avoid a bad mood and stay awake.
45:00 If to be a joke, be the best one