TVJ scented candle with JOIK!

Year of anniversaries

2020 marks the year of TVJ 10 and JOIK 15. To celebrate the milestones, JOIK has launched a TREASURE HUNT series in collaboration with Tanel Veenre. Find your silver treasure in a scented candle!

Muse Nelery Rästas photographed by Tanel Veenre.

The TREASURE HUNT collection features the “Beautiful life” candle with TVJ jewellery (59€); a candle trio with the possibility to find a TVJ jewel inside of one of them (29€); and a JOIK gift box with their bestselling items (55€).

The “Beautiful life” candle holds a treasure from the VENUS, NEFFI or MINI HIPPO collection.

The Mini Hippo is a new edition of our legendary HIPPO CAMP series – a smaller and lighter version of our seahorse.

The natural wax candle has a captivating and addictive feminine scent that combines bright floral notes with fruits and subtle spices.

JOIK 15th Anniversary special edition gift-boxes are designed by Tanel Veenre. Tanel’s challenge in graphic design rooted in the work of his fashion line: “I started similar to creating patterns for my silk fabrics – from a watercolor base where I added my fantastic creatures – beetles, shells, and seahorses. So the final vision is a winter fairy-tale with a whimsical twist.”

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