Nothing gray about November

How even the darkest winter time can be full of colors

Getting inspiration takes little effort when the amazing Estonian nature is just in reach. Even the seemingly gray and dull November has its colours. A unique photo series by Tanel Veenre is as fresh as the crisp Viru bog in late Autumn. A personal view by the artist opens up new angles to see the winter in color and in harmony with TVJ’s bright palette.

The photo series features new models from EABERRIES and COMET collection. Both lines are now available with metallic variations. Silver, gold, and bronze shimmer above deep hues. This wintery edition is perfect for festive occasions or to just add a little sparkle to an otherwise ordinary day.

One pair of COMET earrings is easily convertible to match the season. Let your Icy Silk tassels wait for Spring and mix COMET berries with rich hues from a new selection of tassels. Available separately for only 19€ a pair.