Jewellery care Tips & Tricks

5 guidelines to own a perfect collection

This post will give you the basic knowledge on how to maintain your jewellery at it’s best. We take a look at Tanel Veenre’s EARBERRIEs, silver items and other fine jewellery. The post is illustrated with photos and video tutorials, so take a brief moment and see what we’ve put together because this will really be a game-changer!

What will you need?

Your jewelry care-kit should cover the necessary cleaning products and utilities to safely use them. Though sensitive soap will be handy, we recommend professional care for fine items. It will give you outstanding results, but please protect yourself as well. If you find old tooth- and paint brushes laying around put them to good use! For final touch hand paper and a blow dryer are a must-have.


If your EARBERRIES have been with you on festive occasions and gotten a little make-up layer themselves, don’t worry. Light traces of foundation and powder on your berries are washable. Use a very soft old toothbrush and a gentle face wash/sensitive soap. Lightly give the EARBERRIES a gentle wash and rinse thoroughly under running water. Let them dry quickly – on a radiator or why not even blow dry them.

Our Mini Avocados took the test. A dried layer of concealer topped with powder. With gentle strokes and mild soap, the EARBERRY’s as good as new.

Be gentle! No need to scrub, just lightly caress them and don’t add pressure when brushing. When using a blow dryer, keep the berries at hand. If the air isn’t too hot for you, it suits the berries as well.


Whether you have just given them a wash or came home with a new pair, correct maintenance is the basics of all care.

Our Earberries are made of balsa wood, finished with cosmic dust and color. Therefore hard objects, falling, and rough handling won’t do them good. It could fracture the layer of dust or scratch the paint. Don’t toss them into your handbag loose next to the keys. Store a clean and dry pair in the gift box.


Sterling silver has a unique light and clear shine. Its friendly look is sincere – it loves to be worn. Being in touch with skin and clothing will give the silver surface a light constant polishing effect.

When it comes to wearing fine jewellery, remember the one rule: put in on last, take it off first.

When all creams, perfumes, and hairsprays are on, it’s time to add jewelry. When arriving home, take off first to ensure you won’t accidentally harm it.

After wearing, wipe, and store. When your jewelry has been in contact with skin, it’s good to wipe off grease to prevent tarnishing. Store it in the gift box away from other items and away from open air. Silver is sensitive to the environment.


Tanel Veenre’s fine line of jewellery is made from sterling silver (925˚). While it’s light appearance is most loved, silver is an active metal that tends easily tarnish over time. Seeing your light and shiny jewellery fade into dark-brown shades is rather common. Luckily, it’s an easy problem to solve.

For smooth surfaces (polished silver, ticks of earrings) we best recommend Jewel Cloth – a multi-purpose cloth for precious metals. It’s a specially impregnated cloth that renews the sparkle of your jewellery.

For textured jewels and chains, it’s best to use a Silver Clean solution. It’s a dip bath to immerse jewellery into. Within a few seconds, the solution removes all tarnish and gives the item a really renewed look. Rinse with warm water and dry properly.
PS! The bath is quite a chemical cocktail so be careful and follow all instructions when using it!

For this kind of item (matt surface, textured details) we recommend the dip bath. If you are not sure whether the jewelry is suitable for the dip, use a brush and test it on the backside of the item. Worst case – the backside will look different. But your jewelry in whole and the dipping bath remain good.

For very damaged items we do not recommend dipping but rather applying the solution with an old brush. This will prolong the lifetime of your bath and keep the solution fresh for future procedures.

The solution works instantly! Above you can see half done, half not. Always wear rubber gloves and do this in a well-ventilated room.


All jewellery love to be stored alone in a dry dark box.

Might not sound glamorous and doesn’t fit with the concept of having a big multi-storage jewellery organizer. Different materials and metals tend to react with one another. Better keep them separately. If all items are mixed, they tend to tangle up and may scratch more tender items (like EARBERRIES). Some precious stones react with sunlight. Sterling silver is very sensitive to the damp environment and tarnishes quickly (gets that brown-blue layer of oxidized silver).

Therefore after cleaning, always dry washed items carefully with paper and use a blow dryer to remove all moist from jewellery and chains. And don’t store precious items in the bathroom where the humidity tends to be higher.