Something special from the tables of Tanel Veenre studio

Personal experiments

Each collection is born quietly behind the studio desk. Careful play with shapes and materials set the foundation of new collections by Tanel Veenre. Often, the first tryouts and examples never reach the shops.

Now the unique pieces and handcrafted first examples are gathered in a dreamy gallery.

Not even all items have found their way to becoming a full collection yet. Above is an example with VENUS shell combined with a custom cut precious stone. A beautiful play with materials without changing focus.

Rare items of Double-Faced Hippo and Neffifly are combined with handcrafted leather chokers by Kadri Kruus.

Just like the GET LUCKY! leather series, the chokers are available as a thin strap that can be complemented by a wider leather detail. Choose your style and mix your favourite colors.

Some pieces include tryouts with the COMET designs. While officially the COMET series is all about earrings, the studio corners hold a variety of pendants.

The unique selection is available only at the Embassy of Fashion studio shop, Roosikrantsi 15. Always feel free to contact for custom orders.
Unique Pendant / Silver, precious stone / 69€


Leather Choker / Slim / 59€


Leather Choker Detail / Wide / 29€