The best from 2020

“2020 was such an exciting ride despite the unique challenges the world was going through! Tanel Veenre as a brand celebrated its 10th anniversary and we were growing rapidly like a 10-years old kid. It wasn’t easy to pick the best of the best from the year 2020 – there were too many great collaborations, moments and soulmates. I am grateful to each and everyone who has been believing in us and of-course our team who fed the brand with care and love: Anti, Triin, Hansel, Birgit, Mailis, Viola & Elisa-Rael. And I promise we won’t stop here – we are dreaming big and aiming to the stars. I am sending some sparkle for the last days of 2020 and may some of your dreams come true during 2021.” – Tanel Veenre, soul of the brand.

Take a look at the year 2020 through memorable moments with Tanel Veenre Jewellery.

What were the bestsellers of the ending year? Who were the most influential people for TVJ? Scroll down for a colorful gallery taking us back through the ending year.

Thank you all for being with us on this journey!