One Thousand and One Nights

“Mul oli nägemus tuhande ja ühe öö muinasjutu kangelannast, melanhoolsest baldahhiinide vahus hulpivast kuningatütrest. Sügavad hõõguvad toonid ja hele ihu, intiimne ja kauge korraga. Kaamera silm tihti teispool ühukest siidkardinat, et mitte häirida hapra kangelanna iseolemist.” – Tanel Veenre

“A vision of a hero from the tale of One Thousand and One Nights came to me. Telling a tale of a melancholic king’s daughter, drowning in tulle behind the curtains of her baldachin. Where deep fiery atmosphere meets fair skin. Where the camera delicately catches the moments behind through the curtain, only not to disturb the intimacy of our hero.” – Tanel Veenre

The photo series takes up the newest creations from the TV studio. The COMET pendants are yet to be launched at the end of January. Bold chokers are made in collaboration with Kadri Kruus (as the Get Lucky! collection) and are complemented with one of a kind pendants – statement pieces, where the most influential symbols from the TVJ designs are paired with carefully selected precious stones. The designed combinations of materials and colors are real eyecatchers.

Thank you:

Muse Eliisa Kirke (E.M.A Model Management)

MUAH Marii Lota

Photo Tanel Veenre