Meet our muse Nnenna!

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We are happy to share our book “Kingdom of Dreams” was selected among the Best designed Estonian books of 2020.

The edition dedicated to the brand’s 10th anniversary took together muses, events, and soulmates who have been with us throughout this journey. This grateful nomination gives us a chance to proceed with this mission, even if only online.


If we were to give out Vol.2, our dearest muse Nnenna would definately be featured. For the moment, let us introduce her to you right here.

Nnenna is a young inspiring model, who has given attitude to our VENUS silk scarves, MINERALIA runway show and COMET earrings.


You have become one of the most beloved models for Estonian designers. How did you find modeling? What was your first job?
When I moved to Tallinn in 2016 I sent in a few applications to some agencies and I chose to work with Exte model Management. My first modeling job in Tallinn was for Roberta Einer during the Tallinn Fashion Week and it was amazing. After that I got to work with a lot of different designers and projects.

One of your specialities that designers love are your dark exotic looks. What is your genetic cocktail :))
Well I can’t really say however I am from Africa. So are my parents and siblings, although I guess I took the genes from my Dad and looks from my Mum.

I love your positivity and playfulness, which makes it easy to work with you. What thoughts and attitudes do you have in your mind in front of the camera or on the catwalk?
I have always been this positive and playful person however when in front of a camera my thoughts are: I just should feel good and blessed.

How do you feel living in Estonia as a black girl? From designers you have felt a lot of appreciation but have you ever felt also discrimination in our society?
Living in Estonia as a black girl has been great so far and yes I have felt a lot of appreciation from everyone in my life. Although there will always be discrimination in the world and society but I have been lucky not to experience that and hoping I don’t get to that point.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What is your dream?
Well I can’t really tell about the next 10 years … but I want to fulfill my dreams both in modeling and my professional career as I have a full time job working as an Operations Specialist for Bolt (London Office). I would like to grow more in both parts and just be a happy girl.