Care for a Taobao LIVE?

E-shopping on the next level


As we are continuously expanding to the Asian horizon, we are learning and absorbing new knowledge every step. Our latest big achievement was establishing a Tanel Veenre’s brand online shopping page into the huge Taobao website.

What is Taobao? 

Taobao is the biggest e-commerce platform in China. It is a Chinese online shopping website, headquartered in Hangzhou, and owned by Alibaba. It is ranked as the eighth most visited website in the whole world according to Alexa Website ranking.

Making a Taobao LIVE from Tallinn


Entering the Taobao world, we learned that the new thing is online selling. Not just having a website, but actually selling LIVE through a video channel. Of course, this medium is for a lot wider experience than just placing an order. Especially in the times of COVID restrictions, the LIVE helps to connect with your followers in a more personal way, introduce new items, and show them in a closer way than a simple product photo ever can.

Ask anything

So what is the Taobao live? For approximately 1.5-3 hours you can set up a LIVE stream on your page and viewers can communicate with you in real-time. For our first-ever Taobao LIVE we prepared an intense introduction of our items. The viewers were able to ask any questions via the chat window. Our hosts then replied in an instant, for eg showing and trying on specific colors, telling more about the materials, and etc.

Tanel: “We celebrated Valentine’s Day with our first Taobao live introducing rainbow of earberries to Chinese girls. Tanel Veenre is the first Estonian brand to run its own TB live thanks to our fantastic Chinese team – Hansel, Viola, Muyang and Van Anh. Let’s dream big ;)”