A new romantic series under the VENUS collection

A dreamy series Bela of 12 different earrings has now launched under the VENUS collection, where the silver shells are reflected by shell-shaped semi-precious stones. BELA is an ode to nature and spring beauty.

VENUS BELA / Captured on camera by Julia Shashkina / AD Tanel Veenre / AD assistant Mark Dorfmann / Models: Agata (ICON Models), Anne Mari (AL Models) / Hair: Külliki ja Katri (Aili Puss Education ) / Make-up: Maret Ubaleht

Venus Bela is an ode to semi-precious stones, that have been carved by hand using my sketches and visions. The series embraces art nouveau beauty that has always influenced me along my artistic journey.

Becoming to life

VENUS BELA silver seashell details are 3D printed using ethical silver in Estonia. The colorful stones are hand-carved in India, following the delicate designs by Tanel Veenre.

Bela’s seashell stones are carved into shape by hand. While we are used to seeing such craftmanship in haute couture only, it was the only way to achieve our vision of seeing the silvery shell shape reflecting in its colorful stone mirror.

Taking a look at the stone collection in Tanel’s studio for the Venus Bela collection. Stay with us to see the XL stones launching at the end of the year 😉

Each pair from the Venus Bela holds a special name that translates to “beautiful” in English. Which one speaks to you?

Helping the Baltic Sea

In the Spring of 2021, we celebrated the first anniversary of our charitable program. Venus Bela series brings us to a new mission – adding Estonian Fund for Nature to our cause. While the Bela jewellery is inspired by bright clear seas, the Baltic Sea isn’t in such good shape.

The six pairs from the Venus Bela series help to raise funds for the Estonian Fund for Nature to protect the wildlife of the Baltic Sea. 20% of sales will help to contribute and monitor the sustainability program.

20% of sales from the blue-shaded earrings of VENUS BELA will go to the Estonian Fund for Nature.