Meet Kersti, a follower who became a muse

Open Call for all the muses out there

The new silk collection from the Spring of 2021 continued to value the body-positive look. The ambition to give the collection a wider concept than the classical model imago photo, took Tanel Veenre to create a spontaneous open call among our social media followers. Kersti was one of the first ones to give a positive response. Her stunning looks and personality made her an inspirational person and she is now the official brand ambassador to introduce the new VENUS silk collection.

“After finishing my first silk collection in the Autumn of 2019, many of the items found their new home quickly among the wardrobes of plus size women. I realized there are very few opportunities to find plus size designer clothing in Estonia. To find a selection of clothes that are original and outstanding, let you feel free and comfortable. It’s in the little details as well, like getting some coverage over the arms. I think big women are beautiful! I’d love to boost the confidence to feel it. That’s why the collaboration with Kersti was especially great, to see a unique woman with such confidence and positivity.”

Tanel Veenre

Tanel asking all things interesting

Kersti, it was a real pleasure to make a photoshoot with you. You are present, smiling and open. Where do you take your confidence? 

I think it has developed through time. I lived in Denmark for quite a while and learned to get to know, love and accept myself there. I think that’s the key. Of course I have my doubting moments, but luckily they pass quite quickly.

Could you describe your style? How do you make your preferences? And share your favorites. 

I’d say my style is fairly casual. I like to feel comfortable, but that doesn’t necessarily mean sweatpants or leggings. I think we all need to know what are our best treats and then show them off, carefully directing the attention to the desired location. And how far can you get with right accessorizing! I also love dresses and wide flying trousers. A pair of black chinos are one of my favorites. Easy to combine with anything and suit any occasion. So overall, I like items that are easily customisable for formal to casual moments.

How much do you feel restricted by your plus size measures? 

Actually in Estonia I feel it quite a bit, because besides being in the plus size range, I’m tall as well. So therefore I can’t match with the standards in any length. I tend to drift around in non-conventional places like Paavli and Humana shops. I’ve gotten my best items from such places. And of course shopping online from abroad, hopefully soon in real life too.

Are there any items you would definitely not wear?

Something really tight. I wouldn’t feel comfortable. Although through pregnancy there were exceptions. But when it comes to accessories, I’m leaving the trend of fishermen hats into my childhood 😉

Share with us your background – what makes you happy? 

I’m 34 years old, currently on maternity leave but otherwise a project manager. At the moment the biggest joy is my 1 year old daughter and my husband. I enjoy travelling (with the two) abroad, but just as much in Estonia too! Work has taken me around the world quite a bit, so therefore I really enjoy discovering my home country as well. And if travelling isn’t possible, I let the world of books take me along. And hobby-photographing makes me smile too 🙂 

Summer goals – what do you plan? 🙂 

This year I have a firm goal to visit Hiiumaa over many many years. In addition to Võsu, it’s one of my favourite places in Estonia!