Muse Sarah – orgy of colors & patterns

Sarah is a living rainbow – her sense of colors and patterns is unbeatable. We are grateful to have such inspirational muses so far as in Michigan, next to the Great Lakes in the United States.

What does style and fashion mean for you? How would you describe your style?

To me fashion and style are away to express myself and how I would like the world to see me.

Where do you find inspiration for putting together these colourful outfits? When and how did this color-pattern madness begin?

I find inspiration from a lot of different places. A lot of it comes from fellow creators and their personal style. Some times it’s from the piece of clothing itself. And sometimes it’s from completely random things. One time I coordinated perfectly with the wall of berries at a Walmart wearing red and green and blue.

 If you have to pick one favourite colour, what it would be? What colour dominates your wardrobe?

My favorite color changes frequently. I go through phases but right now I’m really into orange and green, particularly a Kelly green.

Tanel Veenre

Mega Mangoes

I would say that this particular evolution of my style, and really coming into wearing what I like and not just what I thought I needed to like, was around May of 2019. I’ve always loved color and wearing it interesting I’ve always loved color and wearing funky things, but I never fully expressed it. I started playing with new editing styles then making my photos much brighter and colorful, versus the gray moodiness that everyone else was doing and it made me happy, so I expanded on that.

What is the role of jewellery in your looks?

Jewellery is a fun way to top off an outfit or add an additional pop of color or pattern. I particularly love fun earrings.

How do you choose and style jewellery to complement yourself and your wardrobe? What is most important to you?

I like jewellery to be fun. I don’t always need it to compliment and sometimes I specifically pick pieces to contrast or clash accordingly.

Are there any colour combos you’d rather avoid?

I’m open to basically any color combination. Sometimes shades and undertones don’t particularly go together, but in general I’m good with anything.

What are some of your biggest dreams that you are yet to fulfil?

Some goals that I would love to achieve in relation with content creation would be to work on sponsored posts or content for some of my favorite brands. The immediate goal for myself is to hit 10,000 on Instagram and I’m close which is exciting.

Tanel Veenre

Mega Honeyberries

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