Our muse – exotic Carine Jessica

Tell us a little about your roots – where does your ebony hair and exotic profile come from?

I was born in Finland, but as a week old baby my family and I moved to Estonia. My mother is Estonian and my father is Scottish. I also have Spanish, Moroccan and German blood. That is why I have been surrounded by different cultures and languages ​​since I was a child and have family members in different European countries. As a child, I was always with my relatives on an island in Finland for part of the summer, where we spoke in five different languages: English, French, Finnish, Swedish and Estonian. So cosmopolitanism is no stranger to me.

Carine Jessica wearing earrings from the Tanel Veenre VENUS collection.

I am mixed-blooded to the max, and that is why I have needed the courage to say it outloud without feeling embarrassed. I see myself as a mosaic made up of different pieces and looking for a place in life. The more colorful the company, the more homely I feel.


How has your style developed? How would you describe it today?

My mother has said that my favorite game as a child was dressing up. Special favorites were different headwear. My grandmother had reprimanded my mother for letting the child go around like this, but my mom let my creativity fly.

The experimentation continued in school. In the evenings I spread the clothes on the floor and matched them. It seemed to me like balancing chemical equations, but just with clothes and accessories. When I got bored at school, I nailed the look to the blackboard, but in parallel I combined different sets of clothes in my head. I still like to play this game sometimes.

Today I’m following two quotations. Fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent has said: “Fashions fade. Style is eternal ”, ie I don’t just go along with every trend. It will be a long time before I embrace any of the new fashion trends, if at all.

The second statement that comes to my mind is, “In the world of Kardashians be a Diana.” Not that I haven’t had party nights in my life where I have worn Kardashian mini dresses and crop tops. Indeed, I have and probably a lot, but this second option is more mine.

Carine Jessica with HIPPO COUTURE earrings and NEFFIFLY pendant.

I call my style bohemian chic. I have a very good fit with high heels (In my world less than 12 cm does not qualify as heels), but I also really like bohemian dresses, which can be worn with low boots.

Carine Jessica wearing Tanel Veenre’s silk blouse.


Whose style do you admire? From your home country and around the world.

I admire those who stay true to their style, no matter what the trends dictate.


Carine Jessica wearing COMET series earrings and MINERALIA kimono

How would you describe your relationship with colors – which colors do you prefer and which colors are you afraid of?

My favorites are beige, moss green, black and white, soft pastel tones (lavender purple of them the most. The brightest color I wear is red. In general, bright colors are not my scope.

Carine Jessica Wearing a Lavender Coat and Tanel Veenre COMET Series Earrings.

How do you choose accessories for your looks?

5 years ago, I reached a point where I no longer want to wear random plastic jewelry. I appreciate a heartfelt domestic design rather than something worn from gold to blue in the third week. Once such a decision is made, it is very easy to choose more modest clothes and let the jewelry tell its story.

Tanel Veenre’s work has been my undisputed favorite for many years. My jewelry box has comets, berries, scarabs as well as seahorses and seashells.


On ordinary days I wear Tanel Veenre’s small gold shells and silver rings from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater and the University of Tartu.


Carine Jessica Gold Venus earrings from the VENUS series

One of my beloved jewelry are also clay earrings from Setumaa, a Tiffany’s & Co silver necklace bought for my 25th birthday, and a necklace found on the flea market in Bordeaux, for which I am convinced that it belonged to me in my previous life.

How has the Corona period influenced your style?

In the past, sweaters stood untouched in the closet. Now the sweatshirt, sneakers and leggings have become much more wearable and I must say – it’s really comfortable.

In recent years, I have realized that I have so many clothes that I do not wear, so in addition to doing a lot of cleaning and giving clothes for a second round, I have made a pact with myself – do wear as many different clothes as possible on a daily basis.

Carine Jessica wearing Tanel Veenre silk blouse