Photo gallery: a day full of photoshooting with wonderful Lisa

As every year – spring cherishes us with bright pastels! In anticipation of this beauty, Tanel and Aldo’s home was transformed into a bright photo studio, ruled by the wonderful muse Liisa from the Estonian Modeling Agency. This time the camera eye was Tanel himself and the beauty maker was their good friend Reet Härmat.

Tanel describes the day: “As everyone probably already knows, I am inspired by the so-called unearthly beauty ideals from old-fashioned paintings, and Liisa is just that! We bathed together in this bright spring light, it was a wonderful day. I took a total of about 2,500 shots – and as with the truly inspiring work, it felt like I could run a marathon after that. 😉 ”

Kaftan style dresses are made of 100% silk, printed in England and are now available in nice spring tones. The fabrics are designed by Tanel Veenre himself, which plays around the important symbols of the brand – scarabs, seahorses, wedges and butterflies. The cuts are simple and light to give the fabric an airy feel and maximum comfort for the wearer.

In addition, the spring-summer creations of Embassy of Fashion designers were captured, such as Aldo Järvsoo’s bridal dresses and silk robes with powerful sleeves. The model wears new ear and neck Hippos and Scarabs, that are coming soon.

We also tried our popular charm pendants for Liisa. How beautiful to see the polished silver coming to life in the spring light.

Our new Fruits of Snow earrings were a perfect match for Aldo’s bridal gowns.

Fotod Tanel Veenre
Muusa Liisa Kesamaa (EMA)
MUAH Reet Härmat
Ehtepiltide riided Aldo Järvsoo