Tanel Veenre’s exhibition “Paincor” at the Platina Jewellery Gallery in Stockholm

I did my first solo show Paradise Regained in Platina back in 2011. Now 12 years later is my 4th exhibition there – so it’s already a long-time companionship. I admire the sharp mind and sensitivity of the gallerist Sophia Björkman.

The core of this exhibition is the series of carved black hearts exhibited on wooden organ pipes. When I started with this series, the war was not here so it wasn’t about it, even if it may seem so. My close one was diagnosed with a fatal disease. He has always been a great support and inspiration for my art, so this series started to grow around him. I decided to exhibit sad hearts on the organ pipes. This organ from a small Estonian village church is the one he didn´t finish. I have given a new life to this instrument.

In the exhibition, there is also nipple-shaped jewellery that refers to the issues of freedom of body exposure and works where the two series meet with a surreal narrative figurative language as flames and lustful tongues. The exhibition Paincor by Tanel Veenre is a powerful stopover in terms of experience in both pain and sexual identity.

The last piece for the exhibition was finished when the world was dragged into the horror of the war so close. Endless sorrow, the disappointment of politics, and lots of tears. Reading news is like getting the heart stabbed.

In the exhibition Paincor there are black hearts, dark hearts, and hearts filled with sadness. There are hearts that speak through archetypes rather than physicality; the heart has an image imbued with its endless representation.

I dedicate the black stabbed onyx heart to tears fallen.

The exhibition is open until April 28th – so if you are in Stockholm, you are most welcome. 🙂

You can keep an eye on Tanel Veenre’s art on Instagram @tanelveenre.art.