• Happy Hippos on Kodak film

    The raw power of youth Last year Tanel Veenre started a project with a young and unknown photographer. The unexpected encounter lead to a remarkable photoseries with Fruits of Paradise collection. This year we had the new line of Hippo Couture taken on film by Bogdan. "About a year and half ago I got a [...] Continue Reading
  • Our stand-out picks from the Presidential reception of 2020

    The Independence Day February is the month when our homeland celebrates it's Independence Day. The Presidential reception is hosted for the people who have played an important role in the development of Estonia. On the 24th of February we raise the flags with sunrise and at the end of the day we can admire all [...] Continue Reading
  • The best of 2019

    A look back at 2019 The year 2019 rocked! We tried to put together a little overview of things done in 2019 and for our pleasant surprise, so much was done! Some things feel like they have been with us from the start, but were only launched a few months ago. Let's see if you [...] Continue Reading
  • Festive spirit in our studio shop

    New displays The festive season has began and our studio shop is celebrating as well. The flagship store at Rävala pst 7, Tallinn lets you feel the magic and romance of this dark and beautiful season. The VENUS collection display gives a reminder of the rich backround of where the series got its inspiration.  Our [...] Continue Reading
  • The elegant Pearl

    VENUS collection brings Pearls to TVJ Tanel Veenre Jewellery is known by the wide selection of semi-precious stones that complement our jewellery. But now with VENUS the historic and graceful pearl has joined the selection. What would be more suitable to the story of Venus, created from foam and born from the seashell. The fresh [...] Continue Reading
  • How VENUS was born – the making of

    The making of VENUS jewellery look book When nominated to the Golden Needle Award, we knew for sure we had to make something special for it. Therefore we set a goal to create a unique look book for VENUS jewellery. The collection plays around the mythological world of ancient goddesses and the creation of beauty. [...] Continue Reading
  • The VENUS jewellery

    VENUS rising from the shores of Italy The new jewellery collection VENUS is now available. The fresh series adds a new symbol into the archetypes of Tanel Veenre Jewellery - a shell. The simple and elegant creation of nature came from the shores of Italy. The shell, picked by Tanel Veenre, got the perfect look [...] Continue Reading
  • Our beautiful gemstones

    Where do the stones come from? We love to add beautiful gemstones to our jewellery. The gorgeous colorful and shining stones make pieces stand out and give them a vivid look. Our semi-precious stones come from South Asia. Luckily or not, our home land doesn't offer minerals to be found. Maybe it's for the best, [...] Continue Reading
  • VENUS clothing now available

    Silk Dresses from the series VENUS The kaftan style dress is made from 100% silk. The fabrics are designed by Tanel Veenre and each dress is one of a kind. The silk fabrics play around the essential symbols of Tanel Veenre's brand like scarabs, seahorses, dragonflies, butterflies and the new heroes of the VENUS collection- [...] Continue Reading
  • Tanel Veenre awarded with the Golden Needle for VENUS

    About Tallinn Fashion Week Tallinn Fashion Week is an established fashion event in Estonia. It aims to invite the fashion creatives and consumers into a dialogue. Tallinn Fashion Week helps to develop society's design awareness and appreciation for design and once a year outstanding designers are awarded with the Golden and Silver Needle. The coveted [...] Continue Reading