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  • 2021 – the year full of the joy of giving

    Our joy of giving began in March 2020, when the COVID revealed unforeseen changes in the way we all live and forced us to take a break in almost every area of ​​life. This experience gave us the opportunity to look at life from a new perspective and touched our social nerves. At that time, [...] Continue Reading
  • The meaning of pearls

    Tanel Veenre presented his new Hippo Pearls series at Tallinn Fashion Week - seahorses with pearls landed on the ears of Estonian fashion designer Aldo Järvsoo's heavenly brides. The timeless beauty of pearls is suitable for both fashion shows and everyday wear. Aldo Järvsoo presented white and black brides on the stage of the fashion [...] Continue Reading
  • Tanel Veenre’s exhibition “Paincor” at the Platina Jewellery Gallery in Stockholm

    I did my first solo show Paradise Regained in Platina back in 2011. Now 12 years later is my 4th exhibition there - so it's already a long-time companionship. I admire the sharp mind and sensitivity of the gallerist Sophia Björkman. The core of this exhibition is the series of carved black hearts exhibited on [...] Continue Reading
  • Fashion Games in Chinese Style

    Our Earberries are becoming more and more popular among the Chinese people, who add their own special touch to them. To inspire you, we have collected some examples of cool outfits here: Natural pastel colors can be described by words such as washed and pale. Our Mini Lemons are here matched with a soft pastel [...] Continue Reading
  • Photo gallery: a day full of photoshooting with wonderful Lisa

    As every year - spring cherishes us with bright pastels! In anticipation of this beauty, Tanel and Aldo's home was transformed into a bright photo studio, ruled by the wonderful muse Liisa from the Estonian Modeling Agency. This time the camera eye was Tanel himself and the beauty maker was their good friend Reet Härmat. [...] Continue Reading
  • Muse with superpowers: Keit Pentus-Rosimannus

    If life were a movie, Keit Pentus-Rosimannus would play the role of a superwomen. Being the Estonian Minister of Finance and the mother of a small child at the same time, remaining a human in the pitiless police war - all this gives an idea of ​​his supreme abilities. We have often seen her with [...] Continue Reading
  • Carine Jessica Our muse – exotic Carine Jessica

    Tell us a little about your roots – where does your ebony hair and exotic profile come from? I was born in Finland, but as a week old baby my family and I moved to Estonia. My mother is Estonian and my father is Scottish. I also have Spanish, Moroccan and German blood. That is […]

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  • Muse Sarah – orgy of colors & patterns

    Sarah is a living rainbow – her sense of colors and patterns is unbeatable. We are grateful to have such inspirational muses so far as in Michigan, next to the Great Lakes in the United States. What does style and fashion mean for you? How would you describe your style? To me fashion and style [...] Continue Reading
  • Titan care and maintainance

    Takin care of your Titan jewellery Titanium is an element (symbol Ti) like gold, silver and platinum. It is a silvery white non ferrous metal with the highest strength to weight ratio of any known element. Titanium is inert and therefore completely corrosion resistant. It does not react to salt water, sunlight, or any body […]

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  • Meet Kersti, a follower who became a muse

    Open Call for all the muses out there The new silk collection from the Spring of 2021 continued to value the body-positive look. The ambition to give the collection a wider concept than the classical model imago photo, took Tanel Veenre to create a spontaneous open call among our social media followers. Kersti was one […]

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