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  • The best from 2020

    "2020 was such an exciting ride despite the unique challenges the world was going through! Tanel Veenre as a brand celebrated its 10th anniversary and we were growing rapidly like a 10-years old kid. It wasn't easy to pick the best of the best from the year 2020 - there were too many great collaborations, [...] Continue Reading
  • Something special from the tables of Tanel Veenre studio

    Personal experiments Each collection is born quietly behind the studio desk. Careful play with shapes and materials set the foundation of new collections by Tanel Veenre. Often, the first tryouts and examples never reach the shops. Now the unique pieces and handcrafted first examples are gathered in a dreamy gallery. Not even all items have [...] Continue Reading
  • Jewellery care Tips & Tricks

    5 guidelines to own a perfect collection This post will give you the basic knowledge on how to maintain your jewellery at it's best. We take a look at Tanel Veenre's EARBERRIEs, silver items and other fine jewellery. The post is illustrated with photos and video tutorials, so take a brief moment and see what [...] Continue Reading
  • Nothing gray about November

    How even the darkest winter time can be full of colors Getting inspiration takes little effort when the amazing Estonian nature is just in reach. Even the seemingly gray and dull November has its colours. A unique photo series by Tanel Veenre is as fresh as the crisp Viru bog in late Autumn. A personal [...] Continue Reading
  • Supporting NOOR EHE / young jewellery

    The foundation   The charitable foundation Noor Ehe / Young Estonian Jewellery was founded in 2008 with the aim of supporting the work of new, outstanding talented young jewelers in Estonia. The grant is given either as recognition for excellence in creative work or to help support professional development. The foundation was brought to life [...] Continue Reading
  • Meet the @Celestial-Virgin

    A professional muse Liisbeth Kirss aka @celestialvirgin titles herself as a professional muse and a superficial deep person. By this, you can already get a sense of her whimsical take on life and art. Always balancing between even grotesque and romantically beautiful esthetics, Liisbeth succeeds to mock without becoming ridiculous. VOODOO PARADISE set / clothing [...] Continue Reading
  • Introducing Bogdan Natakhin

    “About two years ago I got a letter from a russian photographer with a wish to cooperate. The name Bogdan Natakhin sounded exotic to me and as I opened his linked portfolio, he’s artwork revealed to be just as magical. The pictures created an artsy, melancholic and even a bit creepy landscape that captured me [...] Continue Reading
  • KUMMARDUS sets Estonian design to a new narrative

    An ambitious project by Tallinn Design House KUMMARDUS is an ongoing project that will outcome in five visually strong photo series to promote and give honour to Estonian design. The creative director behind the project is Piret Puppart, who with photographer Riina Varol and MUA Mammu will set the creations of over 100 designers to [...] Continue Reading
  • Insight into the world of Holger Kilumets

    "Metafísica" - stunning visuals for the COMET series Holger Kilumets has created stunning still life photographs for various collections. The latest cooperation gave a short series called "Metafísica“ where the new COMET earrings with darker shades of tassels took the stage. Still life driven by concept Holger is known for creating a conceptual room using [...] Continue Reading
  • COMET series plays a tribute to women astronauts

    Naming the COMET collection Ever thought about the female names given to the Earberries with attachable magnetic tassels? Anna Lee, Bonnie, Judith, Kathryn, Margaret, Mary, Sally, Shannon, Svetlana,  and Valentina? Well, they are all female astronauts. Fierce women from the past century that have proved that even not the sky is the limit. Anna Lee [...] Continue Reading