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  • Introducing Evelin Võigemast

    Evelin Võigemast has featured Tanel Veenre's collection from the foundation of the brand. Evelin's sparkling and positive attitude resonates with the brand's dreamy look on life. To celebrate the friendship, we've made an interview with Evelin to get our followers an insight into our muse's thoughts, hopes, and dreams. Preview from the book “Kingdom of [...] Continue Reading
  • Toomas Volkmann. Behind the scenes + interview

    The Three Empresses titles a photoshoot featuring TVJ muses Merle, Evelin, and Nnenna by Toomas Volkmann. The MINERALIA collection preparations included the making of the "Kingdom of Dreams" book - a comprehensive overview of the past 10 years of the brand's active involvement in the Estonian design field. It is a dedication to our muses [...] Continue Reading
  • TVJ scented candle with JOIK!

    Year of anniversaries 2020 marks the year of TVJ 10 and JOIK 15. To celebrate the milestones, JOIK has launched a TREASURE HUNT series in collaboration with Tanel Veenre. Find your silver treasure in a scented candle! Muse Nelery Rästas photographed by Tanel Veenre. The TREASURE HUNT collection features the "Beautiful life" candle with TVJ [...] Continue Reading
  • New VENUS scarves

    A new edition of VENUS scarves is out now. As the first series launched in October 2019 sold out pretty quickly, we started to work on new patterns and color combinations. Again, the quantities are limited from two to eight items per model. When the first series focused on a classical silk scarf, the new [...] Continue Reading
  • Bombers and jackets

    New items from MINERALIA collection   The MINERALIA fashion series introduced some new items into the fashion line by Tanel Veenre. Bombers and jackets are something unique in the line that are only available in the mineral-inspired print. Perfect garments to create an inspirational fall look. Photo gallery from the MINERALIA fashion event / Photos [...] Continue Reading
  • Kiusamisvaba koolipõlve jaoks / KiVa Antibullying Program

    Tanel Veenre ehetega kiusamise vastu   SA Kiusamisvaba Kool on osa Tanel Veenre Ehted brändi heategevuslikust tegevusest. Iga Voodoo Paradise Hearts kollektsiooni ehte müügiga annetab TVJ 20% müügituludest sihtasutuse tegevuse heaks, et aidata KiVa programmi laienemist Eesti koolivõrgus. Tanel Veenre Jewellery is contributing to the activities of the foundation Kiusamisvaba Kool (bully-free school). With every [...] Continue Reading
  • Introducing Kertin Vasser

    Kertin Vasser is featured in the "Kingdom of Dreams" book for photo series taken for both Tanel Veenre's artwork and brand jewellery. Tanel's symphaty for Kertin's work formed into cooperation in the spring of 2020: "Kertin has a fresh eye for photography, the seed of which started germinating in the corona vacuum." Preview from the [...] Continue Reading
  • MINERALIA jewellery

    MINERALIA jewellery The MINERALIA collection tells the story of minerals. Unique cut agates are paired to create kindred sets. The sparkling minerals are complemented by Tanel Veenre's most important symbols - the NEFFI Scarab, VENUS shell and the spirit animal HIPPO seahorse. Earrings MINERALIA Muse Greeta (E.M.A) Make-up and hair Nastya Shevelyova Photos Kertin Vasser [...] Continue Reading
  • VIDEO ‣ morning talk with Tanel

    "Breakfast with a star" is a warm and lively TV show hosted by Anu Saagim. Just before the MINERALIA fashion event, Anu had a talk with Tanel at the premise of Embassy of Fashion studio shop. An immediate talk opens up the everyday life of Tanel, the growth of the brand and thoughts about beauty [...] Continue Reading
  • Backstage life

    On the 28th of August, the Mineralia fashion event launched the new line by Tanel Veenre. The major fashion event was organized with the help of countless people. 100 looks, 28 models, a heavenly amount of silk, and a full team leading the event: Katrin Aasmaa, Janne Klooren, Anu Kikas, Anne Rinne, Romet, Triin, Anti, [...] Continue Reading