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  • Song and Dance Celebrations giveaway!

    Estonian art and culture is loaded with dark tones but if you look at the Estonian folk costumes - it´s an explosion of vivid reds, blues, yellows ... Colors are a sign of celebration! Look at these amazing textiles of folk skirts. The roots of the rainbow of our Earberries are definitely in this tradition. [...] Continue Reading
  • TVJ x Crazy Horse Paris!

    Tanel Veenre headpieces are guest starring on the stages of Parisian Cabaret! Le Crazy Horse is the most iconic of all the Parisian cabarets and their latest show "Bionic Showgirl" features Viktoria Modesta and Tanel Veenre mirrored masks. Le Crazy Horse Saloon is a Parisian cabaret known for its stylish and flamboyant stage shows and collaborations with top [...] Continue Reading
  • Hippo Spoons

    The original seahorses by Tanel Veenre have expanded their Kingdom and taken the shape of a silver spoon. For a long time the silver spoon has been a popular gift to be given for newborns. It has a long history with different interpretations of why this gift came to be. Antique French Sterling Silver Baby [...] Continue Reading
  • What would be your dream photo shoot?

    While preparing and launching the HEARTFELT ring series, we all here among the Tanel Veenre Jewellery team became a bit romantic and nostalgic. To all of us came memories of what would the dedication ring mean for us - meeting the love of your life, engagement, wedding day, birth of first child, getting the job [...] Continue Reading
  • FRUITS OF KORE. Color of the month

    Fruits of Kore combine a warm dark pink with a dash of lilac purple. To make the deep colours pop up, a dazzling pair of pink and blue cubic zirconias shine on top of the berry. Fruits of Kore make a perfect complement to your spring look. Find the perfect match for Fruits of Kore [...] Continue Reading
  • TVJ@ EV101

    The 24th of February is a remarkable day celebrating the Independence Day of Estonia. The anniversary of the Estonian Declaration of Independence in 1918. Every year we are happy to gather around the TV to watch the President's reception of honored guests and what makes it even more fun, is to spot out TVJ beauties [...] Continue Reading
  • TVJ@ Eesti Laul 2019

    One of the most awaited song events is behind us and we were thrilled to see our beloved Seahorses and Voodoo Paradise jewels on the stage! “Eesti Laul 2019” was an amazing event and we send our congratulations to Victor for the amazing stand up. Big love to Kerli Kivilaan who really embraced the Heart [...] Continue Reading
  • MIDNIGHT BLUE. Color of the month

    In the honor of our upcoming Independance day, we are all about the dark nights of Estonian winter, the blue shades that cover the sky and make the forests seem so mystical and endless. Fruits of Bestla 130.00 € Add to cart Fruits of Elara 130.00 € Add to cart Continue Reading

    Create your own set of rings to celebrate love for life. HEARTFELT series in sterling silver A set of three stackable rings 95€ HEARTFELT is a collection of rings celebrating the essentiality of love. An enduring symbol of commitment, HEARTFELT is a set of 3 heart-shaped, stackable rings that can be worn together or separately. [...] Continue Reading
  • CHERRY. Color of the month

    The new Cherry Berry is all about deep flaming red. The minimal gradient color change let the red rule and be the perfect statement to your everyday look. Mini Cherries 59.00 € Add to cart Wild Cherries 59.00 € Add to cart Continue Reading