• Backstage life

    On the 28th of August, the Mineralia fashion event launched the new line by Tanel Veenre. The major fashion event was organized with the help of countless people. 100 looks, 28 models, a heavenly amount of silk, and a full team leading the event: Katrin Aasmaa, Janne Klooren, Anu Kikas, Anne Rinne, Romet, Triin, Anti, [...] Continue Reading
  • PHOTOS long dresses from Mineralia

    Our gratitude goes out to all who took part in the MINERALIA event. Thank you! It was the most memorable night to appreciate the path we have been on the last 10 years. See below the amazing gallery from the runway show. The Mineralia collection features a line of clothing and jewellery. Patterns of colourful [...] Continue Reading
  • Liquid Minerals behind MINERALIA

    The allure of beautiful minerals and gems have captivated jewellery makers from the beginning of times. But sometimes the push to work with them might come from an unexpected moment, like waiting at metro station in Russia for Tanel: "I was really captivated by the beauty of patterns of gemstones and minerals. So I was [...] Continue Reading
  • TVJ 10 – the book

    "Kingdom of Dreams" The Tanel Veenre brand is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The book "Kingdom of Dreams" will be released on the 28th of August. The book will take together the amazing journey through the perspective of our muses and partners. The reader can take a deeper insight into the creation of the brand and [...] Continue Reading
  • MINERALIA piletid nüüd müügil!

    Tanel Veenre tähistab suurejooneliselt kaubamärgi 10. aastapäeva Ehtebränd Tanel Veenre Jewellery tähistab oma kümnendat tegutsemisaastat suure moevaatemängu ja mahuka raamatuga. Aastapäeva puhul on plaanis luua midagi erakordset. Augustikuus aset leidva moevaatemängu “Mineralia” teemaks on vääriskivid – seda nii keskse sümboli kui ka reaalse materjalina. Teema annab võimaluse ühendada Taneli kaks kirge, milleks on mood ja [...] Continue Reading
  • MINERALIA show and book release on the 28th of August

    Tanel Veenre celebrating the brands 10th anniversary The jewellery and fashion brand Tanel Veenre is celebrating its 10th year of creative work with a grand fashion show and a book. The extraordinary fashion spectacle MINERALIA is themed by precious stones, which as a symbol and material give a chance to combine Tanel's love for both [...] Continue Reading
  • NEW: The COMET collection

    COMET Earberries with tassels The new COMET series makes a fresh entrance as our beloved EARBERRIES turn to the stars with silky fearless tassels following them. The collection offers a Mix and Match design principle - the berry bodies and tassels are sold separately. 10 different colors of berries with 10 different tassels give the chance to find Your [...] Continue Reading
  • TVJ x Kadri Kruus

    Let's meet leather designer Kadri Kruus New series of bracelets GET LUCKY combines colored leather with silver charms. This series allows you to be playful and have fun, choose between ten different leather colors and four charm symbols. To celebrate 10 years of Tanel Veenre Jewellery we offer exactly ten different colors of leather. Person [...] Continue Reading
  • 10th anniversary & GET LUCKY

    Celebrating our 10th anniversary with playful bracelets! Through this year we will surprise our clients with many fresh collections which have a playful twist and allure with number magic – it’s all about the ten! Series of GET LUCKY charm bracelets is the first present to our friends during this year full of surprises. GET [...] Continue Reading
  • Inspired by History

    Something about lapel pins   Tanel Veenre opens the idea behind a wide series of lapel pins. What is the romantic side of it and how a simple needle widens up the playground of accessorizing for men: “For me, the lapel jewellery is a delicate detail, a point on i. There is something romantically old-fashioned [...] Continue Reading