Comet Shannon Pendant

COMET is all about the joy of colors and playfulness. Choose your favorite COMET Pendant color set. Whether to complement your EARBERRIES or COMET set earrings, the pendant is a stunning element on its own as well. All earberries are handpainted in Tanel Veenre´s studio and silver parts are 3D printed from sustainable silver by innovative Estonian start-up Cloud Factory. Each earberry and tassel is handpainted which makes the coloring unique. Choose your suitable silver chain with the pendant: 45 cm or 70 cm.
Tassel length 115 mm. Weight around 6 g.
Berry materials: wood, magnet, sustainable silver, cosmic dust
Tassel materials: steel, magnet, ice silk
If your desired color set is not available, DM us!
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cosmic dust, Silk, wood



Tassels Color

Amber, Aurora, Basil, Black, Borealis, Chocolate, Copper, Coral, Crimson, Cyan, Dark Emerald, Fandango, Gold Moon, Grape, Icy Blue, Icy Dark Blue, Icy Dark Green, Icy Green, Icy Neon Yellow, Icy Orange, Icy Pink, Icy Purple, Icy Red, Lilac, Lush, Magenta, Navy, Ocean Blue, Ruby, Salamander, Sapphire Blue, Silver Moon, Stone Blue, Sunrise, Sunset, White