Light Venus Pendant

The collection VENUS is inspired by the antique goddess Venus who was risen from the foam and born from the seashell. The series is dedicated to love, beauty and victory.

Materials: sterling silver
Comes with a 45 cm chain.

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The VENUS series is a new addition to the brands mythologies and the hero of this series is an antique goddess Venus/Aphrodite, who was risen from the foam and born from the seashell. Tanel Veenre Jewellery VENUS started from the shell found from Italian shores. Then 3D scanned and worked to the perfect shape. 

Silver shells come in 4 colors – light, dark, rose and yellow.

As Roman goddess is symbolizing love, beauty, desire, sex and victory so it´s our series VENUS. Tanel Veenre Jewellery is a rare brand even in the world using only his own special cut gemstones. Sharp drops for VENUS series are inspired by the antique chandeliers. To build a bridge between Venus and the TVJ main ethos there are also silver spoons with shells and seahorses.


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